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BREAKING: WA Supreme Court Upholds Religious Discrimination Against Christian Florist

Marriage Supporter, In an expected but nonetheless exceedingly disappointing decision, the Washington state Supreme Court ruled today that the state may punish a Christian florist, Barronelle Stutzman, for declining to violate her religious beliefs and be forced into participating in a gay 'marriage' that is against her religion. This outrageous ruling confirms what we have […][read more]

President Trump Needs to Get Moving on Religious Liberty

Marriage Supporter, The issue of religious liberty is one of the most important for people of faith, who happen to be the key voting block most responsible for electing Donald Trump as president. Evangelicals voted over 80% for Mr. Trump, and Catholics went for him by 52%. Now it's time for the administration to act […][read more]

Sean Spicer Gets Religious Liberty. But Will President Trump Act?

Marriage Supporter, The other day, presidential spokesman Sean Spicer was asked about protecting religious liberty, and he nailed his answer. Spicer told the media that religious liberty is not just about being able to believe your faith’s teachings, but to live them out in your daily life. What a breath of fresh air! Across this […][read more]

URGENT: Take An Urgent Stand for Religious Liberty

Marriage Supporter, As the Trump administration settles into office, now is the time to encourage them to take action on priority issues, and protecting our religious liberty should be near the top of the agenda. Indeed, President Trump spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast last week where he reiterated that he views religious liberty as […][read more]