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Voting With Our Wallets

Did you know that Starbucks was recently reported to be perceived as the most LGBT-friendly brand in the U.S.? JCPenney, Target, Apple and Amazon round out the top five. If you've been following the national marriage battle over the past 18 months this should come as no surprise. Starbucks has said that gay ‘marriage’ is […][read more]

Safe World for Women: "Starbucks to Cut Maternity Benefits for UK Workers"

Starbucks supports redefining marriage but not new mothers: The new contractual terms being circulated to staff across 750 stores [in the UK] include the removal of cash incentives for becoming manager or partner of the year in favour of the award of a plaque and the removal of a bonus scheme for women returning after […][read more]

Starbucks Telling Investors One Thing, UK Tax Agency Another

According to this Reuters news report, Starbucks is talking out of both sides of its mouth when comes to taxes, just like they want to have it both ways when it comes to being pro-gay marriage here in the United States and taking "no position" on the issue internationally: Starbucks' coffee menu famously baffles some […][read more]