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Great News – We DID Make the Entire Match!!

Marriage Supporter — Yesterday I wrote that we had raised $96,176 during our Spring Matching Campaign, all of which will be matched dollar for dollar. At the time, we believed we were $3,824 short of the full $100,000 that was available to us, meaning we had lost out on $3,824 in matching funds. However, late […][read more]

...we nearly made it

Marriage Supporter — As you may know, the 2017 Spring Matching Campaign ended this past Saturday evening. During the campaign, every dollar that NOM received was matched by a generous donor, dollar for dollar, up to a total of $100,000. We are very grateful to all those who stepped up to help us during this […][read more]

...36 Hours to Save This

Marriage Supporter — I hate to tell you this, but we are nearly $12,000 short of our $100,000 goal as we hit the final 36 hours of the Spring Matching Campaign. Once the campaign ends on Saturday night, that's it. Anything that we have failed to raise will be lost forever, and then some. If, […][read more] all hinges on the next 72 hours

Marriage Supporter — Most likely, you are familiar with our major national initiatives — the March for Marriage, our successful work to repeal President Obama's illegal transgender bathroom rules, our fight for religious liberty, the #FreeSpeechBusTour in support of gender sanity, our work to confirm Neil Gorsuch to the US Supreme Court, etc. But you […][read more]