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Same old dirty tricks...

Dear Friend—When I wrote to you last week about our focus on securing the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the US Supreme Court, I said that the radical left and their allies among Senate Democrats were determined to stop him at all costs and I feared that we hadn't seen the last of their shenanigans. […][read more]

Kavanaugh Kills It

Dear Friend—As I am sure you know, Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh absolutely killed it last week in his testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He was composed, articulate, thoughtful and likeable. His appearance reinforced his brilliance as a jurist and his decency as a human being. Every attempt by partisan Democrats and rowdy protestors to […][read more]

Thanks, Evan!

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7, 2018 Dear Friends: "If you thought the National Organization for Marriage disappeared once we won the freedom to marry in 2015, think again." These are the words of Evan Wolfson, the gay rights activist and lawyer behind "Freedom to Marry" - which is now "Freedom to Marry Global." These words appear in his latest fundraising […][read more]