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We’ve got to really scramble

Marriage Supporter — We're now in our final push for NOM's 2016 Summer Membership Drive and we really need to scramble to hit our goal or we'll have no choice but to make significant cuts in the fight for marriage and religious liberty as well as opposing the Obama administration's dangerous gender agenda. Right now […][read more]

We're Behind

Dear Marriage Supporter, I'm grateful to all the people who have responded to our urgent request to make a contribution of at least $35 in response to our Summer Membership Drive. Unfortunately, we've fallen behind our goal and with just nine days to go, I am very concerned we're not going to make it. Here […][read more]

Help us send Target a message

Dear Marriage Supporter, As you know, Target stores have felt the pressure brought by NOM and other organizations through boycotts in protest of the ridiculous and dangerous bathroom and changing room policies Target has instituted. These policies allow a biological man to gain access to these intimate facilities normally reserved for women and girls simply […][read more]