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Victory in the Senate!

Last week I let you know about a dire fundraising crisis we're facing, and shared the fact that we needed to raise $25,000 within two weeks. The good news is that we have raised, amazingly, almost exactly half of what we need, and thus have cut our goal for this week in half. The fact […][read more]

Help A Pro-Family Champion Win

As you've seen play out across the country, there is a critical battle for the heart and soul of the Republican Party. Many in the establishment wing want to stop talking about critical social issues like marriage, life and gender identity (among other issues) and focus only on the agenda of big corporations. They expect […][read more]

May The Joy Of Easter Be With You

Dear Marriage Supporter — As we reflect on the meaning and import of Holy Week, it's tempting to think in historical terms, as amazing events long since passed. But what we celebrate at this time of year is not merely an ancient memory from long ago, but times that present parallels to modern circumstances today, […][read more]

We Are Determined To Stop Her

Dear Marriage Supporter — By now you've probably heard of President Trump's disturbing decision to nominate Chai Feldblum, a radical LGBT extremist, to a critically important civil rights post as a Commissioner of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This job puts her in the position of shaping federal law to make supreme LGBT claims and […][read more]